Curriculum Vitae

👩‍🎓 PhD student at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt

👩‍💼 Project-Managerin of <colette/>

👩‍🏫 Experienced digital/online teacher

💼 Work Experiences

Since 10/2021

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
As a PhD student I work for Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig. My work tasks cover:

  • Project management of <colette/>
  • Courses for 6 SWS (hours per week)
  • Research about quality in outdoor tasks
  • Conducting a study using the Delphi method


Universitiy Bayreuth
Worked as a tutor for the courses:

  • Pre-Course “Mathematics for Physicists”
    Lehrstuhl Experimentalphysik IV
  • Lecture “Linear Algebra II”
    Lehrstuhl Mathematik IV

Since 2016

Freelancing teacher
Subjects: Mathematics and DaF (German as a second language)
Affiliated partners:

👩‍🎓 Education


Master of Science in Mathematics
🏛 Free University Berlin
Final grace: 2,1
Major: Discrete Differntial Geometry
Master thesis: “Discrete Vector Fields on Polyhedral Surfaces”
Note: 2,0


Master of Science in Mathematics – Erasmus year
🏛 Università di Catania


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
🏛 Universitity Bayreuth
Final grade: 2,4
Minors: Computer Science, Pedagogy
Bachelor thesis: “Der Page-Rank-Algorithmus”
Grade: 1,3


🏫 Sankt-Angela-Schule in Königstein
Focus subjects: Mathematics and Biology
Additional examination subjects: German, Art, History

🌞 Engagement

Since 2023

Host for German events
After the sunset of Duolingo Events I started to host my own events. For this I have a Facebook group with roughly 900 members and a newsletter with roughly 350 subscribers.


Host for Duolingo-Events
I organized German events for learners all over the world. The main goal was to practice German speaking skills in a relaxed atmosphere. My event types were debate, “Plauderabend” and the beginner event.